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Speaking Engagments: Whether at conferences, community events, or book fairs, I share insights from "Seeing the World Through a Different Lens," and discuss the importance of inclusivity and diversity in children's literature. My aim is to inspire educators, parents, and fellow authors to create more inclusive environments for all children.


Panel Discussions: I participate in panel discussions alongside experts in education, diversity, and children's literature to explore how we can better support children with superpowers (disabilities) and promote inclusivity in our communities.

School Visits: I visit classrooms to read from "Seeing the World Through a Different Lens," engaging students with its empowering message and captivating storytelling. These readings not only entertain but also educate children about the importance of embracing differences and celebrating individual strengths. 


Parent Education: Through workshops and seminars, I provide parents with resources and strategies for fostering inclusivity at home and in their communities. I aim to empower parents to embrace and celebrate their children's unique abilities and differences. I'm passionate about making a difference in the lives of children and families, and I believe that "Seeing the World Through a Different Lens," is a powerful tool for promoting acceptance and understanding.

Book Sales: I offer opportunities for individuals and institutions to purchase copies of "Seeing the World Through a Different Lens," spreading its message far and wide. Each sale contributes to our collective effort to promote diversity and empower children with disabilities or special needs.

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